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Thursday, December 14th, 2017

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BlueCross BlueShield Of WNY, CWA Political Activist Terri Legierski & Save Our WNY Children’s Psychiatric Center Advocate Dave Chudy Among Several Honored During Annual Buffalo AFL-CIO Central Labor Council Holiday Dinner

United Steelworkers District 4 Intl Staff Rep Valerie Mueller-Thomas Featured On The Workforce Development Institute’s 2018 Working Union Women Calendar

Organized Labor Lashes Out At President Trump For His Stance On Janus vs. AFSCME, Say His “Actions Fail His Rhetoric” & “Makes Clear He Has No Intention Of Following Through On His Commitments To Working People”

For Those Working People Who Voted For Donald Trump: Trump Administration Sides Against Unions In High Court Fees Case

This Is What Happens When Working People Cast Their Votes For Republicans: Memo From New NLRB General Counsel Robb ‘Puts A Stop To Almost Everything’

Trump Labor Department ‘Clears The Way’ For Theft Of Restaurant Workers’ Tips

The Washington Window Labor Perspective: Sexual Exploitation On The Job, A Union ‘Opportunity’ & A Union ‘Problem’

United Airlines CEO Responds To Association Of Flight Attendants President’s Comments On Sexual Harassment: "We Have A Special Responsibility To Ensure They Can Do Their Essential Work In The Most Positive Environment Possible."

Building Power For Working People Closer To Home - Workers’ Forum Convenes To Discuss Making Durham, North Carolina A “Union Town”

Former National AFSCME Leader Bill Lucy To Receive Prestigious NAACP Image Award “In Recognition Of Demonstrating Exemplary Public Service & Use Of Their Distinct Platforms To Create Agents Of Change”

Do You See The Irony In This? Via The New York Daily News: Broadway Casting Director Booted From ‘Norma Rae’ Musical After Union Push

Via UCOMM Blog: “They Rejected Our Offer To End The Strike” - Nine Months Into IBEW Local 3’s Strike Against Spectrum In New York City, The Company ‘Coldly Rejects’ Union’s Offers

Unions ‘Giving Back’ To Their Local Communities: CSEA Members Across Niagara County Launch Holiday Food Drive To Assist Families In Need This Holiday Season

Despite Catastrophe, AFSCME Members In Puerto Rico Remain Grateful

United Steelworkers District 4 Intl Staff Rep Valerie Mueller-Thomas Featured On The Workforce Development Institute’s 2018 Working Union Women Calendar

United Steelworkers-Represented B&H Photo Video Workers In New York City Ratify First Union Contract – Three-Year Agreement With Electronics Retailer Calls For Increased Wages & Provides Better Job Security

Dollar General In The State Of Missouri ‘Becomes The First Dollar General In The United States To Go Union’ – Workers Vote To Unionize With The UFCW After Just A Month Of Conversations

The New York Daily News Reports JetBlue Flight Attendants Are Seeking To ‘Go Union’ With The Transport Workers Union

Contracted Amazon Shuttle Drivers On The West Coast ‘Go Union,’ Join Teamsters

Unions Mull New Offer From City Of Oakland To End 3,000-Member Worker Strike, Which Moves Into Its Fourth Day

Via Broadway World: 'New York Is a Union Town' - Leaders of 39 Unions Demand Fair Treatment for Broadway’s Casting Directors

Newburgh Teacher Association's Linda Romano Named National CTE Teacher Of The Year

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Happy Thanksgiving, Steelworkers! It’s hard to believe that 2017 in is the home stretch, but here we are. The days are limited, but our work remains in full swing with a petition effort urging the President to follow through on his promises, a request for members to weigh in on the tax bill, and more.  As the battles continue, Rapid Response will be there. Please take a moment between turkey and football to read our Fall Online Newsletter to see what’s happening now.

Steel and Aluminum 232 Cases: Urge the President to Keep His Word – Our military increasingly relies on imports to keep America’s armed forces ready. We were encouraged back in April when the Trump Administration initiated 232 cases in both the steel and aluminum sectors to investigate national security implications. More than 200 days have now passed without action, despite promises. Plants are idle, imports are rising, and workers’ jobs are at risk. Just recently, more than two hundred Steelworkers in Pennsylvania received word that they will be losing their work to dumped and subsidized steel products. Since the cases were initiated, foreign imports of steel are up 21 percent and aluminum imports are up 28.3 percent. This has got to stop.

We have asked steel and aluminum locals to take the lead in a petition effort on the 232 trade investigations, though others are encouraged to lend a hand! Please distribute hard copy petitions throughout your shops and communities and share the online link (www.usw.org/232) broadly through your social media connections. Click HERE for more information, downloadable hard copy petitions and return instructions.

hard hat.jpg
The Tax Fight Moves to the Senate: Call Your Senators at 877-607-0785 – As tax reform looms over Capitol Hill, it is important to understand what could be at stake. Cuts are heavily weighted to corporations and the wealthiest. According to the Tax Policy Center, “Compared to current law, 9 percent of taxpayers would pay more in 2019, 12 percent in 2025, and 50 percent in 2027.” Those increases fall to low- and middle-income Americans, rather than the wealthiest. In selling the plan, proponents argue that benefits will trickle down to the middle class, despite these increases. Reality says something different. Check out this video from Robert Reich explaining why corporations don’t need a tax cut to stay competitive.

A new report from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), reminds us that the theory of “trickle down” has never worked for middle-class Americans. Since WWII, productivity and wage growth in the U.S. economy have done much better during periods of higher corporate taxes rates. Why? Because those were generally times when the inequality gap was less significant and our ability to bargain was more prominent. It’s no secret to us that just because corporations get tax cuts, they don’t often reinvest or raise wages.

Last week, The House passed their version of tax reform, with all Republicans but thirteen voting yes, and all Democrats voting no (two did not vote). Click HERE to see how your Representative voted. The debate now turns to the Senate. A vote is currently expected next week. Check out our latest series of InfoAlerts and start making calls to the Senate at 877-607-0785.
NAFTA Renegotiations – Our union continues to be a key voice urging change in the NAFTA renegotiation process, and the hurdles are becoming clear. The same corporations that set the failed trade agenda years ago are at it again to keep the status quo. It has to be different this time. Just this past weekend, two striking workers were assassinated in Mexico, just five hours from where negotiators were meeting for the fifth round of NAFTA talks. This tragic situation is one more reminder that fundamentally improving labor standards is critical in any new NAFTA. Stay tuned and be ready to take action.

California for the Win – Recently, after months of hard work in District 12 coordinating with the Blue Green Alliance and other allies, the Buy Clean California Act was signed into law by the Governor. This legislation ensures that when it comes to taxpayer-funded infrastructure projects, polluting companies will not get a competitive advantage over companies that produce in energy efficient ways. This covers many products that Steelworker members make, like glass, insulation and steel and helps our members remain competitive in a global market. Congratulations, District 12, on a job well done!

More State Issues – Voters in New York made it clear on Election Day that their state’s constitution has some of the strongest worker protections and will remain that way when they defeated Proposition One, which would have allowed for a Constitutional Convention in the state. This victory leaves labor well positioned to advocate for continued work – not just in building on the benefits we currently have bargained, but also to raise the standards for all working people.

Steelworkers in Illinois weighed in with their state representatives as the House attempted to override the Governor’s veto on a bill that would prohibit right to work zones in the state. Unfortunately, for the second time, we fell one vote short, getting only 70 votes (71 were needed). The Senate previously voted in favor of overriding the veto. While we didn’t get the outcome we wanted on this vote, we’re still winning the overall fight to keep right to work out of Illinois.

We know that in January, as statehouses across the country open their sessions, our fights will continue. One in particular that we have our eyes on is centered on requiring regular elections for public employees to keep their unions. Iowa passed similar legislation recently, and Wisconsin before that (Act 10). Act 10-style legislation can cause significant damage. You can be sure you will be hearing more on this in the coming months.

Speaking of Anti-Union Legislation. . . Don’t Let Lawmakers Make a Bum Deal Out of the New Deal - From the very beginning of our great union, our founders knew that a strong labor movement demanded dignity and respect for both active and retired workers. That sentiment is reflected in the founding principles of the Steelworkers Organizing Committee in the 1930s. Here are two that are particularly relevant today:

org com.jpg

“To secure equitable statutory old-age pension. ..” and “To secure by legislative enactment, laws . . . establishing our right to organize. . .”

Then, as now, these principles are not just ideas – they are foundational to our union’s work. Workers helped to establish Social Security into law over 80 years ago, and we fight to keep it strong today. We secured laws during the New Deal, like the National Labor Relations Act, that established our legal right to organize and bargain collectively. That right has helped us make gains in securing pensions and healthcare for members at the negotiating table . . . MORE.

District Conferences Were a Success – In the last few months, Districts 2, 8 and 10 held conferences specifically focused on bringing our members together to expand on the knowledge and skills that help us build better Rapid Response programs in our locals. From important workshops that taught us the history of current policy to our continued fight for fair trade to time spent in statehouses lobbying for our agenda, Steelworkers across the nation continue to get educated and engaged.

Some were seasoned Rapid Response veterans; others were first time activists eager to learn how our program works. We say thank you to all of the sisters and brothers who attended and shared the knowledge they gained with their locals.

Members in Wisconsin lobbied legislators in October at the District 2 Legislative Conference to voice concerns over bankruptcy law, outsourcing, workers compensation, and NAFTA.

Disaster Relief – The catastrophic hurricane season this year left a path of devastation impacting Steelworkers from multiple districts. We know that USW members lost homes, vehicles and more. In some places, entire neighborhoods were underwater or destroyed. Some even lost jobs. The damage is long-term. Our members come together when it means the most. Check out this video and thank you to every individual and local who has contributed to the relief effort. As of this week, more than $660,000 has been raised in the USW Charitable and Educational Organization for relief.

Get Trained! – We know that Rapid Response cannot exist without well trained and educated local unions. The program is and always has been meant for educating members in their locals on the issues that affect our working lives. We need strong networks to achieve that goal. If your local is in need of one-on-one training, our coordinators stand ready to assist. They are willing to come to you and help you find ways to engage your members and build strong program. Please contact your District Coordinator to schedule – you can find their information HERE.

Please stay tuned for more ways to take action. In the meantime, find us on facebook at 

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Please click on Links for suggested web sites from Local 135L Rapid Response that will help our members track legislative voting on labor issues.

We look forward to hearing your comments or suggestions, let us know what you'd like to see!

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