USW Pension & Insurance Information

Just as a clarification, our stand-alone vision plan provider will remain EyeMed and no changes will be made to either the benefits or the participating eye care centers or eye doctors. Blue Cross Blue Shield is changing their vision provider from EyeMed to Davis Vision. If you use the Blue Cross Blue Shield vision benefit after January 1, 2021 you will have to make sure that the provider accepts Davis Vision. Again, no changes will be made to the EyeMed vision coverage. I am sorry for any confusion my previous post may have caused. Any questions or issues please contact me at 341-5292 or 871-0941.

 - A reminder that the last day to make changes to your benefit without a qualifying event is November 2, 2020
- Opt-Out, FSA, and HSA enrollments must be completed every year.  Also, the membership is greatly encouraged to update the included Emergency Contact Information
- Finally, if no changes are being made, then no forms need to be filled out.
- Any questions, please contact Michael Dobrzenski @

Pension & Insurance Tips

  • Sumitomo Rubber USA does not have life insurance on your spouse or children.  Your spouse or children are covered only if you are enrolled in the optional insurance (Metlife) and you have designated the amount of coverage you want on your spouse and children.  Your children can only have life insurance until age 19. It is your responsibility to remove your dependent child 19 years old or older from optional life insurance coverage.
Any employee that is out of work and is receiving
  • Accident & Sickness (A&S) benefits or State Workers Compensation should make sure they keep their doctor coverage up to date.  If your doctor does not cover you, you will not receive a benefit.

  • You will have a $50 co-pay when you use the emergency room services and not admitted to the hospital. 

  • If you have work related accident or illness and you must report it to the medical department as soon as possible to assure that your claim can be processed in a timely manner.

Accident and Sickness Benefits

Benefits will be paid because of a disabling accident, sickness, or pregnancy while  under the care of a doctor licensed to practice medicine.  Benefits are payable from:
        (i)  the first day of disability due to an accident or occupational illness, or
        (ii) the eighth day of disability due to a non-occupational sickness or pregnancy, or
               (a)  the first day of hospital confinement prior to the eighth day, or
               (b)  the first day on which an employee undergoes a surgical procedure for which a benefit is payable under the program, provided the employee has not worked the day of the surgery.

If you have surgery on your off day, you are entitled to A&S benefits for that day and any additional days that a doctor licensed to practice medicine provides coverage.

2017 Benefit Provider Contact Information




Other Info

BCBS WNY Medical & Prescriptions 800-544-2583
716-884-2800  Group #: 00416549
Delta Dental of NY 800-932-0783  Group #: 18436
EyeMed Vision 866-723-0513  Group #: 9687823
MetLife Life Insurance 800-438-6388  
Empower 401k Savings Plan 844-465-4455  
Pro-Flex FSA/HRA 716-633-2073
Beacon Health EAP 800-435-1986  
Dunlop Credit Union 716-873-4112    

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